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Spearhead Whisky makes a great ‘Spear & Beer’ boilermaker

With its sweeter, lighter flavour, Spearhead Whisky makes a brilliant boilermaker. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the phrase, you may have tried one but without knowing the drink’s name. A boilermaker is simply when you pair a shot of whisky with a beer. You’re basically drinking the two together. You could even take a slug of beer and use Spearhead as a chaser. We’re such big fans that a ‘Spear & Beer’ is one of our suggested ways to enjoy our whisky. Check it out on our Serves page.

If you’re not familiar with the boilermaker phrase, you most probably don’t know about its past. A past we think is pretty fascinating – which is why we’ve dedicated a blog post to it.

Spearhead Whisky & Beer Serve

From a dubious past to a delectable future

History informs us that the drink was originally enjoyed by society’s lower classes. Yet the pairing of the two beverages grew so much in popularity that it quickly became a staple tipple across every type of bar from low to high end.

No one can definitively nail its origins. However the most popular backstory comes from the early to mid 1800s. It involves actual ‘boilermakers’ or ‘boilersmiths’. Having evolved from industrial blacksmithing, boilermaking was a seriously tough trade.

They grafted night and day, building, installing and maintaining boilers for trains, ships and power plants. It was demanding, backbreaking stuff that was duly rewarded with a drink or two, or several. The drink of choice? One which was as refreshing as it was strong – possibly to alleviate the strains and pains of their last shift.

Spearhead Whisky & Beer Serve

Let’s raise a glass of ‘Spear & Beer’ to our brave boilermaking buddies.