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Get the lowdown on our Spearhead highball

Simple, classic and thoroughly refreshing. That’s how we’d describe one of our favourite Spearhead cocktails, the Rusty Spear highball. Whisky and ginger ale are all the ingredients you need. Some whiskies work better than others, it’s really down to taste. But we’re going to be bold and a bit biased here and suggest you use Spearhead in your next highball. It’s sweeter, lighter flavour pairs it perfectly with ginger ale.

Spearhead Whisky Cocktail with ginger ale

The history behind the highball

The term ‘highball’ can refer to just about any spirit which is combined with ice and a larger amount of mixer – be it coke, lemonade, tonic or best of all, ginger ale. That means a highball can refer to anything from a G&T to a rum and coke. But let’s not go there – for true authenticity (the original highball was a whisky/mixer), you can’t beat Spearhead Whisky topped with plenty of ginger ale and ice.

As for the origins? There are several plausible theories as to how the highball began life. One is:

“One of the more fun explanations is that it comes from a nineteenth century railroad signal. On American railroads, if a ball was raised on the signal post, the train could pass through without stopping. By some transitive power, this idea of getting somewhere fast inspired a cocktail that could be made and imbibed quickly. The term was also used in golf club bars in 19th century England, where the ‘ball’ referred to whiskey served in a high glass.”

Spearhead Whisky Cocktail with ginger ale

Whichever story is true, we’re not lying when we say a Spearhead with ginger ale and crushed ice is just about the nicest cocktail out there. Sláinte.