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Spearhead Homepage Header
Spearhead Homepage Header

Whisky that does things differently.


Ready for something a little different? Spearhead is a single grain, 100% malted barley whisky. Distilled in a Coffey still and finished in infrared toasted barrels, it can be perfectly paired with your favourite mixer. As they say, change is good…

Pouring Spearhead Single Grain Whisky
Spearhead Single Grain Whisky at Distillery


Our Loch Lomond Distillery may have a distinguished history, but we’re taking a whole new path. A forward-looking journey that’s not shaped by history or heritage. Scotch was our starting point. How it ended up is another story…

Spearhead Club - Whisky Cocktail
Spearhead Club - Whisky Cocktail
Spearhead Single Grain Whisky
Spearhead Single Grain Whisky
We do things differently. And that includes popular cocktails which you’d never normally associate with Scotch – cocktails such as the Clover Club.

Spear what? Spear Med – think Jungle Bird, only a bit more adventurous.

A Spearhead Whisky Spritzer is a deliciously different take on the Wine Spritzer. And a bit more daring too...