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Whisky. The go-to-refreshment for summer. Say what?!

When the weather’s warm, a whisky is possibly the last, least refreshing drink on your mind. And we couldn’t agree more, sort of. Whisky, in the traditional sense, is a spirit you’d normally warm to on darker, colder nights. Just as well we’re not your traditional brand of whisky then. Being both slightly sweeter and lighter in flavour, Spearhead is crying out to be mixed with whatever you want – if you fancy something different from ice or water. Spearhead makes the perfect Spear Med.

Spearhead - Spear Med Cocktail Serve

Spear what? Spear Med – think Jungle Bird, only a bit more adventurous.

Jungle what? OK, enough of the whats?... If you’ve never heard of a Jungle Bird then think ‘tiki cocktails’. Tiki what? Sorry, couldn’t resist that. Basically a tiki cocktail is a cocktail such as a Zombie; Singapore Sling; or Sex on the Beach. They’re cocktails that are usually made with rum; they’re vibrant, fruity, loud and lavishly garnished with an assortment of tasty fresh fruits. They’re also very much back in vogue (they were invented in the ‘30s).

A Jungle Bird may be a little less well known than the aforementioned drinks, but it’s just as colourful, cool and refreshing. And with five easy-to-rustle-up ingredients, it’s also simpler to make than most.

‘The Jungle Bird is rumoured to have been created in the late 1970s at the Aviary bar in Kuala Lumpur Hilton. With a base of Jamaican or Blackstrap rum, the Bird is more bracing due to the addition of bitter Campari. While not a usual suspect in many tiki drinks…’  

Spearhead - Spear Med Cocktail Serve

Five simple ingredients. One stimulating Spearhead Spear Med.

Get ready for an unexpected taste sensation. A Jungle Bird is rum, lime, pineapple juice, syrup and Campari. A Spear Med keeps the syrup and Campari, but swap the other three ingredients for Spearhead whisky, lemon and mandarin juice – and tadaa, your Jungle Bird has flown away in place of a Spear Med. Refreshing to the max, for summer, has landed!