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Spear & Beer

  • 3 min read


The best drinks are those that are somewhat notorious. The Spear & Beer Serve, named after the infamous Boilermaker, is just that. Many drinks have shaken and stirred their way to notoriety through the years, while others are quietly confident classics.

A humble serve of whisky paired with a beer is not only a winning combination - it’s also a massive nod to blue-collar culture. Keep reading to find out more about the history of the Boilermaker and learn how to recreate it with Spearhead whisky. 


Where did the Boilermaker come from?

You’re just as likely to find a classic Boilermaker on a chalkboard in an American dive bar as you are on a menu in a fancy cocktail bar. Why? Because it’s a classic. The boilermaker can be tailored across tastes to become exactly what you need at that moment. But how did it come to be?

The origins of the boilermaker cocktail are somewhat unclear, with many differing accounts of how the drink was created. But our best guess is that it was a favourite of workers in 1800s America who took care of steam trains and,literally, boilers.

The Boilermaker became the favourite post-shift drink, containing the perfect balance of a malt whisky or bourbon and a refreshing beer. Of course, today, it’s still popular for all the same reasons. Albeit, with a little more disagreement about the order you consume the beer and shot.

Spear and Beer

Spear & Beer: a drink to be savoured 

No matter how you drink it, there’s one thing everyone agrees on: a beer and a dram should be savoured. The reason The Spear & Beer combo is so drinkable is thanks to our distillation and ageing process. Remember, we create whiskythat does things differently.

We ferment malted barley for 92 hours before adding it to our copper Coffey-style still. We distil continuously, allowing us to bring out vanilla fudge, brown sugar and red apple notes, balanced with lime citrus for an approachable take on whisky.

To add more flavour and bite to the mix, we age our liquid in ex-bourbon barrels before finishing in infrared and fire-toasted virgin American oak barrels. Finishing up light and sweet, Spearhead is uniquely placed to mix and enjoy alongside beer.

We set out to create a whisky that would proudly stand aloneand could be mixed and enjoyed, without limits. The Spear & Beer is just that. A nod to the past with a Spearhead twist.

 Spear and Beer

Perfect pairings

Over the years, we’ve teamed up with various craft brewers to test the theory that Spearhead pairs with any great beer. The good news is that, so far, we haven’t found one that doesn’t work. 

Therecipe is simple, pair 50 ml of Spearhead with a pint or can of your favourite craft beer (ale, lager or stout). 

In the past, we’ve worked withFierce to create a Spear & Beer menu full of flavour.
Tiny Rebel, to craft a Welsh red ale take on our Serve that’s never boring.
Loch Lomond Brewery - to mix a drink shaped by the taste of Scottish water.
And soon, we’ll be teaming up with40FT Brewery down in London to create another version of the Spear & Beer.

Tried a Spear & Beer of your own? We’d love to see it. Why not tag us and share it with theSpearhead community?