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Spearhead Whisky

Here at Spearhead, we don’t shy from reinventing the classics. We doth our caps to the traditions and recipes that have served us well, keeping exactly what we want, and reinventing the rest. When it comes to whisky cocktails, that story is no different. We do things differently when it comes to our Serves. 
Bottoms up! Have you ever wondered where Tiki drinks came from? Why they’re so delicious? And where on earth you can find those tiny umbrellas? You’re in the right place. Read on to learn all about the history of Tiki cocktails and how Scotch whisky can make them even better. 
The best drinks are those that are somewhat notorious. The Spear & Beer Serve, named after the infamous Boilermaker, is just that. Many drinks have shaken and stirred their way to notoriety through the years, while others are quietly confident classics.