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Spear Med

  • 2 min read


Bottoms up! Have you ever wondered where Tiki drinks came from? Why they’re so delicious? And where on earth you can find those tiny umbrellas? You’re in the right place. Read on to learn all about the history of Tiki cocktails and how Scotch whisky can make them even better. 

Sweeter than most Scotch whiskeys

You might think of whisky as a winter drink - but Spearhead is a great allrounder, capable of a summer cocktail and a winter dram. Our tropical, fruity tasting notes go very well with the tropical influences of Tiki drinks - which is often the first thing bartenders comment on when they try Spearhead for the first time. 

What makes Spearhead whisky different? We ferment malted barley for 92 hours before adding it to our copper Coffey-style still. We distil continuously, allowing us to bring out red apple, dark berries and floral notes, balanced with lime citrus for an approachable take on whisky.

To add more flavour and sweetness to the mix, we age our liquid in ex-bourbon barrels before finishing in infrared and fire-toasted virgin American oak barrels.

Spear Med

So where did Tiki drinks come from?

You might know that for a long time, almost 13 years in fact, drinking was banned in America thanks to an act called Prohibition. It ended in 1933 after some policy changes, which meant that the country was ready to drink and enjoy itself (despite still suffering from the great depression). But when did fruit punches, Tiki drinks and those cheeky little umbrellas enter the mix? 

Well, the Tiki movement as we know of today was started by a man called Don Beach who was inspired by his worldly travels. After touring Polynesia and the south pacific islands, Don decided to open a Tiki bar in California, of course. Since the mid-century, Tiki cocktails - and their vibrant flavours - have been a mainstay of bar menus across the world.

Spear Med

What makes something a Tiki drink?

You might think it’s the rum base that makes a drink typically Tiki, but that’s not the case. Tiki drinks are known for their sweet taste, vibrant colours and elaborate presentation, which often includes the use of exotic glassware. Don’t be fooled by their laid-back, fruity taste - Tiki drinks are strong in nature and should be consumed responsibly. 

Spearhead as you’ve never tasted before

You’ve got the history down and now you want to try a sweet whisky cocktail for yourself. You’re in luck. Head to our serves page and discover the Spear Med, which makes the perfect summer punch you can sip and enjoy with friends. 

Although if you don’t fancy busting out your own shaker, you can always ask your bartender for a Spearhead with a tropical Tiki twist. Ok, maybe you don’t have to phrase it quite like that, but you get what we mean. Have a new tasty combo we ought to know about? Why not tag us in your pics and share it with theSpearhead community?